We bought three exotic maples from them last year. Aside from giving us an incredible price, a month later the arborist came to our house for free to check the health of trees we bought else where. He even ordered us a specialty paste to repair dear damage done to a few of our trees. Now that we know how vast their selection is and how well maintained their trees are, they're one of the first places we go to look for trees.

Ryan D.

We buy all our flowers, perennials, trees, and shrubs from Meadowbrook Gardens. This year we had them do our mulch and it came out absolutely FANTASTIC!! I find them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable and don't even consider buying from a big box store. Their flowers are also nicer and much fuller. We have also used Meadowbrook Gardens to spray for ticks and have been very happy with that service. This is an all around great local business.

House of Warmth

They say the best compliment a client can give is a good review. The woman that was there this weekend was amazing. She was knowledgeable and super helpful. They had a really nice selection.

Stefani M.

I cannot recommend Meadowbrook Garens nursery highly enough. They are very knowledgeable and will walk you through all of their plant material carefully. I am an avid gardener and the quality of the plants are outstanding. The prices for the mature plants are a great value!!!!

Jennifer W.

We wouldn't go anywhere else! We buy our trees, flowers, and shrubs from here. Always lots of great advice and tips! Small family business with a lot of heart and dedication!

Nyree P.

Great stock! Healthy plants, very knowledgeable and friendly staff and owners! Worth a trip from anywhere.

Diane B.