What is the difference between hardscaping and landscaping or "softscaping?" Basically, it's the difference between your patio and lawn.
Essentially, hardscaping services cover landscaping elements that use heavy materials, like stone, rock, flagstone and water features. Softscaping includes trees, flowerbeds, gardens, grass and shrubs.
You can choose from a variety of materials such as natural stone, pavers, bluestone, retaining walls and much more to create the custom design of your dreams. 
Our expert staff can install paved walkers, fences, patios, fountains and statues, ponds, barbeques or firepits.

Together, hardscaping and softscaping create a balanced and cohesive yard, which is more enjoyable.

A yard which relies solely living plants can create a jungle-like look, which makes the space appear overgrown and unkempt. Adding hardscaping features, such as a stone or gravel walkway, helps create space between your yard’s living features and makes the yard look more organized. 

Likewise, a yard with too many hard features, such as all rocks or a single retaining wall, can make your property look more industrial than residential.

However, by adding soft features, such as colorful plants or ornamental grasses, it helps create a more comforting feel that makes your property more inviting.  

We work closely with our customers to create the yard of their dreams using a variety of techniques and equipment to showcase a home or business.

Our personal designers are highly trained not only to create a beautiful landscape, but also one that is extremely functional and easy to maintain in our climate. In addition, we work with you to select the exact plants and flowers you desire that are not only beautiful, but that grow well and flourish as the years go by.

Our award-winning landscape designers will work with you every step of the way to produce the perfect look you desire.